Main directions of Company’s activities

Enhanced oil recovery

  • Carrying out well interventions (intensification of oil production (including additional perforation), repair and isolation works, inclusion, deliquidation, commissioning of wells from inactivity and piezometric stock, liquidation of accidents at wells)

  • Search for missed and new intervals (objects) for geological and technical operations, identified after the reinterpretation of well logs and the construction of geological and hydrodynamic models by VNIIneft specialists

  • Evaluation of the energy state of development objects, selection of a formation (plot) for injection. Construction and adaptation of geological and hydrodynamic models, calculation of the forecast of implementation options and the effect of injection

  • Development of formation pressure maintenance system

Optimization of operating activities

  • Reducing intra-shift downtime through the introduction of a telemetry system, ensuring 100% stock measurement.
  • Replication of Zarubezhneft’s regulatory system at ANDIJANPETRO JV

  • Development of elements of corporate culture and corporate interaction

Ensure reducing oil theft

  • Organization of protection of objects with the involvement of a rapid response group of the National Guard of Uzbekistan

Ensure stable oil treatment

  • Implementation of measures to increase the reliability of the oil treatment system

Optimization of the well production collection system

  • Updating the scheme for collecting well products to exclude idle pipelines, repairing oil-gathering collectors